Melbourne, I love you!



I love how you wear your heart on your red brick sleeve
It’s definitely hard to say goodbye today, but it lets me know how I feel about this land & the people who have made this hometown visit what it was.

Leaving is 💔😢 & while endings are a natural part of life, Social Media has changed our relationship to goodbyes & grief. We may say goodbye, but we see each other tomorrow when we post photos of our ongoing lives: always here.

Home, too, is often a complex topic with colonisation, borders & immigration policies adding further complexity; eternal thanks to the Bunurong people whose land I grew up on & whose land continues to be occupied. Melbourne, you have my heart. See ya when I’m lookin’ at ya! 😎✌🏼

Avoidance is not a boundary

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Lessons learnt in the recent Mercury Retrograde cycle in Pisces…& lez be real, whenever we encounter gaslighting & ghosting on the daily. Avoidance leaves situations open to misinterpretation & energetic attachments that drain our energy.

Boundaries don’t have to be a hard wall, keeping out challenges that can ultimately be rewarding. They are flags of freedom, stating to all parties where we draw a line in the sand. They let us know respectful parameters & also alert us when someone continually crosses them.

Hard conversations are never easy, but they’re well worth it when you value the relationships you’re growing or moving away from.

2018 Astrology workshop

Working with the Astrology of 2018


Astro Workshop add

With Venus taking us down to the Underworld in her pentacle creating retrograde cycle, and Mercury throwing us for a loop when it retrogrades in Sagittarius & Scorpio…while the Eclipse Cycle is changing signs…

…how do we keep going forward when the planets are taking us backwards?


What is this workshop about?

In this workshop, Dru will walk you through the astrological events of each month remaining in 2018.

It will offer you tools for how to work with the planets via understanding of where they are kicking up dust in your own chart.

We will break down the meaning of retrograde cycles, eclipse seasons, what it means to have both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and what all this intense planetary activity is building toward.

Participants who sign up will each receive a workbook tailored to their own astrological chart.


Sign up!

Sign up to have your chart included in workshop examples.

Limited drop-in spots available.



Cost & Time


Sept 24th @7pm

2 hour workshop + workbook



Neighborhood Quality Goods

4301 Main St, Vancouver, BC


Who is Dru Ish?

You can read all about me here, or come say hi in person, which is always preferable.


What’s happening in 2018?


~ Saturn retrograde – direct in Capricorn

~ Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

~ Uranus retrograde in Taurus

~ Neptune retrograde in Pisces



~ Pluto retrograde – direct in Capricorn

~ Venus retrograde in Scorpio to Libra

~ Uranus retrograde in Taurus

~ Neptune retrograde in Pisces



~ Venus retrograde – direct in Libra

~ Mercury retorgrade in Sagittarius

~ Uranus retrograde changing signs from Taurus to Aries

~ Neptune retrograde – direct in Pisces

~ Jupiter moves into Sagittarius

~ The Eclipse cycle changes signs



~ Mercury retrograde – direct in Scorpio

~ Uranus retrograde in Aries

~ Why staying in on NYE is a better idea this year


Everyone of all levels of Astrological understanding are welcome.


Limited spots.

Sign up now!


Merk Perks


When you board a cross~country train while Mercury’s retrograde wearing a Mercury~Gemini shirt & the train leaves 7 HOURS late & your seat is facing backwards…so you’re literally retrograding through retrograde season…& then you look out the other window & the universe paints your thoughts in letters on the neighbouring train.
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Merc Perks

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Is this Mercury retrograde over yet or WHAT?! It seems to be taking foreverrrrrrrrrrr…..
This Aries season has been driven by the force of Capricorn since it began! 😢 This retrograde period is a great example of how different Aries & Capricorn are, but also what can be achieved when they work together.
Aries is hot & fiesty, impulsive & ready to face any challenge that allows it to express courage! 💥⚡️💥
Capricorn, equally driven by a challenge, is more pragmatic in its approach, patient & persistent. 🌱🌳🍂
Put them together & you get controlled fire. 🛠🔥🔥🔥🛠
The ruler of Aries & this retrograde phase, Mars, is in slow & steady Capricorn. It’s kinda like driving up hill in a low gear; you know you’re gunna get there, but not in a hurry.
MERC PERKS: If you’re tearing your hair out waiting for something, or impatiently hurrying projects that are telling you they need more time, you can best use this energy constructively: Make plans for when the energy shifts, create strategy around obstacles & apply some patience & wisdom to anything that’s standing in your way…because there’s a LOT more energy in Capricorn right now & Grandma has been around the block more than any Aries spring chicken! #listentothelessons .
Respect your elders, yes, but also respect the fire & creativity you have inside you that is asking for dedication, guidance & care. You deserve that & the end product will have the stamp of sustainability instead of burnout.
You can get your Aries t-shirt from @psychicsister – designed by 💘 @jfancydesigns @inkknifepress#jfancyxpsychicsister .
#mercperks – shout out to @lipstick_lezzie
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Retrograde loop

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As Mercury stations retrograde, I’m noticing a repetition of issues arising from the Venus Retrograde cycle this time last year. Are you?
Venus retrograde in Aries 2017 was a hella time. How could we forget!? The descent into the underworld of our own worth posed hard questions about the fine line between our own needs and our needs with an other: #ariesproblems. Facing our shadow, we walked the razors edge toward redemption and self-determination, meeting Chiron deep in the pool of collective pain and wounding, only to arise again with a new definition of self and initiative in relationship. PHEW!

It was a lot, and what I’m noticing with Mercury covering that same terrain right now is that unresolved issues from that time are arising…the questions that were unanswered are on the table again, and Aries’ need for space, independence & initiative is HOT!

Wherever Aries is in your chart is where this dust is being kicked up. Retrograde times are not to be feared, it’s a time to tie up loose ends, to identify those things that aren’t working for you and to realign yourself with your own path #ariesstyle
So, what came up this time last year in the Venus retrograde cycle? What patterns are you seeing re-emerge at this time that need tending to? What is self-determination for you personally and in your relationships? What can’t you ignore anymore? If you had to be the Fool and jump right now, what would that look like? What do you need?
Mercury and the Sun will cross paths on April 1st – and you get to define what it means to be the Fool. There are other folks who are more versed on Tarot than I am who could speak to Fool energy in relation to this Aries season & I’d love to hear about it! WHAT IS THE FOOL CARD ABOUT & HOW CAN WE EMBRACE IT AT THIS TIME?! @meowlchemist @dreamy.sea@magichourastrology @aliawalston@abbeyjadetarot 🔮
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Aries shirt by @jfancydesigns @psychicsister @inkknifepress   #jfancyxpsychicsister 💓

Mercury Retrograde highlights white supremacy

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This #mercuryretrograde is in #virgo . SMACK. BANG. IN. THE. MIDDLE. OF. ECLIPSE. SEASON. Virgo rules digestion. It governs the assimilation, dissection & processing of information. It’s an earth sign that wants to materialise, manifest & produce something from what it assimilates. .
This means that we’re dealing with our own shit. The #eclipse is highlighting aspects of ourselves, our society, our communities that are hard to look at. What’s being exposed can be hard to digest…both personally & publicly…& yet sitting in our own shit is the only way out of it.
This white supremacist dialogue is not in an American vacuum. Not growing up in America & not being American I am all too aware of the dominant American agenda & rhetoric. But this is more than that. This time, these events, these revelations, this exposure can be utilised for the benefit of everyone. .
This eclipse is traveling across the US, highlighting the shit, giving us all opportunity to see how complicit we are, wherever we are.
Virgo has amazing powers of discernment that are best used in service to others. It’s no coincident that this is all happening right now. Holding on to your shit is toxic, & anyone who’s healed anything knows that you have to dive deep before you can reemerge. Mercury Rx is a time to reevaluate, reassess, relearn. Take the time to thoroughly digest what is coming up & make use of what you learn.

@wildmysticwoman #respost
This is as true of our spiritual journey as it is of our sacred activism and dismantling systems of oppression.
Critics of my open letter to spiritual white women on white supremacy have accused me of fueling hatred, shame, division and reverse racism (!) through the points I have made in my letter. However I know that at no point did I say anything to the effect of ‘I hate white women’ or ‘white women should be ashamed of themselves’. As I mentioned at the beginning of the letter, the vast majority of the women I serve through my business happen to be white women. I wrote this letter not as an accusation, but as an invitation…Please read full post @wildmysticwoman ~ #fuckwhitesupremacy#thisisourshit

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

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Mercury is retrograde & the view behind is just as busted as the mirror itself.
Every Retrograde cycle gives us opportunity to review the past, to get so irritated with complications that we change things…& this cycle, being in hard working #virgo wants us to get real…to put our feet on the ground & put those busy-Virgo-brain thoughts into action.

Mercury has close ties with Neptune this time around, prompting us to work meticulously through the smoke & mirrors to see what our dreams are really made of…who’s back are they built on…& what lies behind the reality of dream building. Every colonised country has a nationalistic dream that encourages us to not look backward, to not question the foundations underfoot & to defend that dream that is rightfully yours.
🛑 Stop. Go back.
This Mercury Rx ends its journey at a #leointersection with #Mars. All of this plays into the narrative now. Intersections are where we find the most violence, both politically & physically (on the road). Contrary energies converge at one point & in times of our greatest challenges, all lights are green. 🚦
#leoseason is often loud & unavoidable, & this particular season has the dial turned up to 10 so you don’t miss the memo! If your dream is built on white supremacy, peace-out-blinkers, yolo moments of self importance, living & supporting the colonial dream, you know your foundation blocks are wobbling right now.
All over the planet POC are reminded on the daily that they are not safe in their home, on their homelands, while under protection of the law & under white law. Nothing on the news right now is new, it’s been conveniently hidden behind the obnoxious noise of #systemicracism & the white dream. #youvebeenliedto
There’s no avoiding responsibility – both personally & politically…& when this Rx cycle ends you will need to know which way your sword faces & to what lengths you’ll go to defend the side of history you’re standing on. ⚔️ #fuckwhitesupremacy#blacklivesmatter #whichsideareyouon#alloppressionisviolence #justiceforelijah#nojisticenopeace #eclipseseason#mercuryretrograde ⚖️