Pisces Season: the path of least resistance

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It’s Pisces Season & Mercury is STILL retrograde! Do you feel like it’s been Rx for a while now…like forever…or at least since that Gemini Full Moon back in December?

Pisces loves the deep dive. The waters of emotion stir & we remember what gives us meaning, what moves us & what connects us. As our life-giving Sun edges closer & closer toward Neptune we’re made increasingly aware of the clash between our ideals, our dreams & visions ~ & the cold hard reality being dished up by the clusterfuck over in Capricorn.

We’re dealing with an invisible virus, injunctions & arrests are blurring the lines between sovereign territory & state legislation, a waaaay too long US Presidential election campaign blows in hope one day & defeat the next & Australia is running out of toilet paper…while we’re all trying to catch up with the grief we’re carting around day to day.

Thankfully, there’s a steady groove that can be found between Pisces & Capricorn along the path of least resistance.

Capricorn sets the goal posts, highlighting where reform needs to occur, which behaviours & habits & power structures we’ve outgrown… while Pisces urges us to ride the pressure of that rising wave to steer us forward. You can’t push shit up a hill, so wherever the momentum is coming from use it to guide you toward your ideal reality & watch for signposts for where change & growth need to occur.

We’re in this for the long haul. Utilise Mercury Retrograde to help you gauge when it’s time for a break & recuperation.

Pisces Full Moon deep dive

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These Pisces Full Moon feels run deep & there’s much to be crafted from this energy.

The ocean’s water & the ocean bed have a symbiotic relationship; both shift & change shape with each other, because of each other, for each other.

This is Pisces. 🐋

Pisces is not in it for itself…because Pisces is aware that it IS EVERYTHING. From our ocean bed to the layers of consciousness, Pisces is everywhere & everything at once. #mutablemagic

This Full Moon comes with a Grand Earth trine that offers us the opportunity to not get disoriented in this expanse, but to make something from it, to make something of it.

Without Earth, water lacks definition. Without water, Earth is barren – a disaster for an element that knows how to produce.

Take these Pisces feels & make Virgo proud! Channel this energy through your hands & bring the energy down to Earth.

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Listening: Pisces Season

This footage from Dylan Winter sums up my feelings of Pisces Season.

picses constelation


Pisces season can be a confusing time if we’re not connected. Feeling aimless, lethargic, depressed and despondent can all be sign posts from this deeply intuitive time that we need to reconnect with Source.


Pisces is represented by 2 fish swimming in opposing directions. Messengers who are gathering information, one fish is in the dream world, with the ancestors, deep in prayer and gratitude, submerged in the etherial…the other is here on earth, transcribing the messages for us through poetry, song and the subtle messages of birds in the trees and the wind blowing a certain direction. #areyoulistening


The universe is always talking to us and through us. Pisces season asks that we listen to the subtleties, that we remember that we’re always connected to that other fish and that we stop running in a million directions only to find what’s inside of us.


We are both fishes. Staying connected to what gives us meaning, respecting our dreams and visions and not remaining in one world over the other is imperative to our survival. If we lean too much into the dream world we become ungrounded, unable to stay focussed in the day to day and find it hard to relate. If we lose connection with our intuitive fish and bring all of our energy into this world we become run down, our life lacks meaning and we deem our dreams unimportant. When we feel not worthy, capitalism takes every precious breath out of us for inadequate compensation. #isthiswhatlifeisallabout


Whether there’s meaning behind life or not, Pisces season asks that we remember what it is that makes us feel connected, and to honour the processes that the mundane, capitalistic world can’t see or appreciate. We each have the 2 fishes inside of us and by maintaining a clear tether between them we know our truth and we value our insights enough to trust them in guiding us through this daily existence.

Rest a little.

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#queenhetzy is showing us the way through #piscesseason 💖♓️. She read a few chapters on the #progressedmoon & is now processing all the information in her #dreams .

#catsknowbest – said no dog lover ever! 🐋✨
There’s SO MUCH energy coming at us & through us right now, the dial is turned up. What needs to be #letgo of will be highlighted & what you can’t deal with deserves your care & compassion to work its way out on its own clock. 🐋✨ #rest ~ let your unconscious process without you trying to control everything.


#yougotthis #bekindtoyourself #dreams will tell you so much ~ #listen . #pisces #ariesmoon #astrocat #astrocats #shesthebestastrologeriknow #astrology #youcantcontroleverything

Pisces Season is awash.

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✨🐋 Pisces contains the whole. It is the one sign that is an accumulation of all 11 before it. Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, always tethered to each other, always here and there at once, bringing information from our dream world into daily existence. LET GO!


✨🐋 Pisces contains the collective feels, & there sure are a lot of people trying to use the same line at once right now. Wack behaviour is being normalised & collective fear is rising as we’re on the edge of our seats wondering what’s going to happen next. LET GO!


✨🐋 With Aries running around, sword drawn ⚔️ , & #jupiter exacerbating the swift changes that are occurring, exhaustion is many people’s reality right now. It could be exhaustion from trying to keep up, dealing with the collective-fear-static that’s being sent from one fish to another…or maybe it’s Aries wanting to be the night in shining armor. Where is your energy going & what are you sacrificing? LET GO!


✨🐋 what is redemption to you?
✨🐋 are you trying to save someone while you’re drowning?
✨🐋 what and who are you fighting for?
✨🐋 are you standing firmly in your integrity or are you compromising your boundaries?

#piscesseason #pisceseclipse #passout #ariesthewarrior #pisces #aries #boundaries #integrity #whatareyoufightingfor #collectivefeels #narsissismisnotnormal ~ 📸 @bartatfullyflaredfilms ♈️