Freddie Mercury

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When I teach Astrology, I ask students to come to the first class with their theme song. What is THAT song, when yr walking down the street, headphones on & it’s YOUR song?
Not surprisingly, there’s often a correlation between that song & your chart…& ice-breakers suck so it’s a fun way to introduce yourself.

My song is ‘Don’t stop me now,’ by Queen – for obvious reasons – and because I’m continuously inspired by Freddie & his energy & charisma & his art. .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FREDDIE. You personify the hard work & dedication of practice that makes Virgo so deeply magical.

Astro Tattoo Vancouver BC

Astro Tattoo Vancouver BC


This is it!!! LAST CHANCE.
We’re in town with our Astro Tattoo sessions before we take this project (that you helped us launch) to some distant lands ~ across some high seas! #followthesun .

We have spots avail SEPT 5-15. .
📮BOOKINGS & INFO: – or follow the link above.

Follow our adventures: @astrotattoosessions & help us spread the word across the globe. 💞🌏💞 We’ll send you a postcard! 💌

Love you, bye!

Venus Retrograde 2017

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Venusian #queenhetzy ponders her #venusretrograde experience…all this #aries energy has reminded her of what a good idea it is to just #chillout & appreciate the good things in life…like #lounging & falling asleep in your food bowl. 😻


• Today & tomorrow #venus is back in the first degree of Aries, which is the first degree of the #zodiac.

• What has the #venusretrograde2017 been about for you? What has all this Aries energy initiated? What has come up for review that needs to be put in the fire of renewal?


•  #astrocat #takingthelead #whatshesaid #isthisretrogradeoveryet #notyet #yougotthis #walkthroughthefire #ariesseason 📸@jfancydesigns