The Elements videos

The Elements videos by Dru Ish

The Elements are some of our greatest teachers. Making these videos about each of them, using footage from my travels, has been a wild journey in itself looking back at what feels like another life. Click on the image below to watch each Elemental video. Click on the image to watch each Elemental video

Gemini – Sagittarius eclipses

Gemini Sagittarius Eclipses - Dru Ish

As if 2020 wasn’t enough already. We’re again in the vulnerable terrain of eclipse season and it’s setting the stage for 2021. Giddyup! Video from @horsepars Between now and the end of 2021 we have a total of 6 eclipses, predominately in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini: the mutable magic weavers and truth …

Eclipse stirrings

What a GIFT that facegram was glitchy yesterday.These eclipses are stirring so much, from so deep. With Mercury coming to a blazing halt in Leo, preparing itself for a retrograde rendezvous (July 8-31), the air is thick & electric. It’s a lot. The gift amongst the chaos is in the messages, but the ‘answers’ we’ve …

Living Room Sessions

Living Room Sessions are hosted by Dru Ish in living rooms and community spaces across the country. Each session discusses astrology in relation to current world events while also exploring where these energies are manifesting in each person's chart. These workshop style sessions are designed to be affordable & accessible for both the novice and those who love knowing what it all means, while bridging the gap between our individualistic world and primal need for connection.