Aries Season 2018

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It’s #ariesseason , Equinox, Spring in the north and Autumn in the south and Mercury is turning retrograde. OOOPH! Where ever you are on the planet, there is a shift in gears at this time.

#aries is the initiator of the zodiac – like this image by the magical @jfancydesigns – Aries represents the spark of life, the thing we all require to get up and keep going, the inspiration we need to move through challenges, and the sense of play that reminds us to stay focussed but enjoying the journey. Are you having fun?
If you’re like so many people I now right now, the answer is no. The heavy hitters in the sky are really pushing us all. Saturn, Pluto AND Mars are ALL in Capricorn, building toward something you can no doubt feel brewing. The tension needs direction, and this Aries season is no doubt going to test where your energy lies.
Mercury is turning retrograde on the 23rd and will keep running backwards all the way to the New Moon on April 15th. Whoa! What a lunation cycle! Following this retrograde period and New moon, Chiron will step from the deep well of collective Pisces pain into “let’s get real about what I’M doing about this” Aries…while the Sun snuggles up to dynamic Uranus for what will no doubt be ‘exciting’ times. OK!
Aries! Aries! Aries!
This next month is HOT! Sparks fly from fire & when we’re not tending to the fire someone is bound to get burnt. Fire also warms us and inspires us to dream and vision and to put all of our energy into what feeds our spirit.
Aries energy is all about getting things going, so instead of being burnt by this fire, set some things in motion in your life. Be daring! Give yourself a challenge! Initiate a project, a self-care routine, write letters to your local MP about where you see injustice, or write love letters to your self. This #retrograde period starts off with Mercury and Venus discussing their place in this revolution. What is being whispered to you at this time about your place in this divine madness of life?
If nothing else, let this Aries season remind you of how special and deeply important it is that you are here, participating in the unique way you do, and show up with your own mark of magic.



Psychic Sister in Olympia, WA is selling these zodiac shirts all year round – designed by Jessika Fancy. A new one is released at the beginning of each sign. I’m SO excited to watch this series unfold!


We’re all born into stories

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We’re all born into stories. This continuum of life that we jump into & out of shapes us in ways we’re not always aware of, nestling our personal stories within a larger framework.

While preparing these #saturnreturnreadings I listen to music from the year the person was born. Not only coz it’s a 💓🎵timeless era of music🎶💓, but because it’s a reflection of the story they were born into, on a collective level.

All these songs are Saturn Returning now. 🤔

What was Number 1 when you were born? If you’re unlucky like me it was Rod Stewart 😂 & he continues to haunt me throughout life! ⚔️

Saturn in Sagittarius foot in my ass!

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👋🏼Hey-Hi-Hello from ☀️CALIFORNIA☀️

I’m taking this saturninsagittarius foot in my ass very seriously! Hitting the road with m’babe Jessika Fancy, making our dreams our lives, & basking in all the beautiful nature along the way 🏹🚐💨💘🌲🔥⛰ is amazing! Perfect timing.
🔥😷 The fires in Cali meant we had to re-route, so we’re taking our #astrotattoo biz to Joshua Tree & LA…then we’ll make our way up to the Bay. Check in at our Astro-Tattoo page for upcoming dates.
💓⛰There’s nothing quite like sleeping on Mt Shasta for 3 days & drinking the water from the earth…to then be sleeping next to a 950yr old Redwood the next🌲💓

Saturn in Sagittarius


Usually I love a good #mooninsagittarius but when #saturn is all up in our business there’s a palatable tension & pressure in the collective air. ✨

Saturn in Sag is highlighting the self righteous voices in our communities; those speaking so loud that they can’t hear. Those who read this & think it’s not them. It’s happening on the world stage & in our backyards. The worst expression of #sagittarius is fanaticism, extreme beliefs & righteousness. While you may think that your actions are doing good, take a moment to check out this broad, Sagittarian horizon to see how others are thinking, feeling & experiencing this world. We all have Sagittarius in our charts. ✨

None of us have arrived. None of us know everything. We all are in need of education, unlearning & the acknowledgment of how our presence in the world impacts others. ✨

Sagittarius is about learning via the #journey , experiencing things foreign to us & seeking the #truth . Saturn is the hard task master, hot on our heels making sure we sit the tests on the way to the final exam. If we skip class we won’t be prepared.


. #mood #thisfuckingworldwecreated #feelingallthefeels #itsintheair #changeisconstant #saturnsays #stepup #moonconjunctsaturn #monday ~ 📸✏️ artist unknown ~