Saturn in Capricorn workshop

saturn in Cap workshop


VANCOUVER – I’ve been working hard creating a bunch of workshops to get us through winter with our heads above (this never ending) water. ☔️☔️☔️
This first one comes to us from Boss Lady, Big Daddy ~ Saturn in Capricorn. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE
We’ll talk about Saturn through the lens of both traditional & modern astrology, understand its place in our psyche through mythology & look to see where Saturn is in your chart – natally & via transit, as well as what’s coming up collectively for all of us from now til 2020.
Bring your fears, bring your questions & bring all the tools you have coz Saturn asks that we do the work. If you’re Saturn Returning or just curious to learn more about astrology, this is for anyone with a pulse & a glimmer of curiosity.

ASTRO-TATTOO: Olympia & Portland

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Mars in 🏹🔥Sagittarius is calling us back to the open road!

PORTLAND & OLYMPIA we’re heading your way in Feb offering our Astro-Tattoo magic, readings, flash tattoo & a workshop along the way!

Bookings & info: – follow #astrotattoosessions .

As Saturn in Capricorn asks that we get serious about all the dreams we dream, I can’t wait for these new adventures & more magical, in-person connections as we continue to weave our story.

Southern Cross returned to traditional owners

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While white Australia holds on tightly to its supremacy and debates wether January 26th is a day to be celebrated, or a time to acknowledge the continued violence and genocide suffered by Aboriginal peoples, the astronomical community is taking a step toward decolonizing the sky. Huzzah!
I’m so pleased to see this happening. The Southern Cross was one of the first constellations I learnt to recognize as a kid, and my first introduction to navigating life on earth by looking up at the sky.
The neat thing about this constellation (that is depicted on the national flags of Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Brazil) is that there are two “pointer stars” that align with the Cross, so you can always find it. The Cross points directly toward the South Celestial Pole which is the point that all the stars pivot around in the Southern Hemisphere – so a welcome friend when navigating the Australian bush or wide open seas. Obvs, it’s been used by navigators of all kinds throughout history…pre Google maps.
In my travels, this constellation has been a friend who has popped up, sometimes unexpectedly, and offered comfort as a sign post and a reminder of connection. The sky holds so many stories that were singing us into existence for eons. This is one area of astrology that I find quite controversial as it’s so important that we honour those stories and not place our appropriated versions onto them.



Michael Hutchence – Saturn Return

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Happy birthday to this Aquarian babe! ♒️🔥 If he was still alive today he’s be Saturn Returning for the second time.

Michael Hutchence really did embody his band name, INXS. Born with the Sun rising in the east, the charismatic front man found it hard to be alone, had a fear of the dark & had an insatiable sexual appetite ~ all of which are really obvious markers in his chart.

At the time of his Saturn Return he was quoted as saying, “Rock n roll bands are for boys,” while attempting to move away from INXS & change his image. He cut off his hair & launched Max Q, which didn’t really land, & his drink+drug+party+sex-because-I-don’t-want-to-be-alone became captain of the steam train he couldn’t control.

Saturn asks us to step up & make changes that reflect maturity, laying building blocks for the next 30 years. If we ignore the call, the foundation stones we stand on until our next Saturn Return are wobbly & will undermine us.

His story is unfortunately a reminder of the consequences of not heeding the call, as the issues that peaked at that time were what plagued him right up until the morning of his death.

Saturn in Capricorn babes, hit me up for a #saturnreturnreading – we’ll walk through your transits for the next 3 years & get you staying on track!

We’re all born into stories

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We’re all born into stories. This continuum of life that we jump into & out of shapes us in ways we’re not always aware of, nestling our personal stories within a larger framework.

While preparing these #saturnreturnreadings I listen to music from the year the person was born. Not only coz it’s a 💓🎵timeless era of music🎶💓, but because it’s a reflection of the story they were born into, on a collective level.

All these songs are Saturn Returning now. 🤔

What was Number 1 when you were born? If you’re unlucky like me it was Rod Stewart 😂 & he continues to haunt me throughout life! ⚔️

The sky is HOT!

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The sky is 💥HOT🔥 right now!

The Sun, Venus & don’t-F-with-me Pluto are all in a cuddle puddle throwing stones at Uranus.

Mars & Jupiter are in #scorpio helping them scheme about how they can set fire to their ex’s house & not get caught.

A few “take 10 breathes then act” will help everything right now…but if you’ve kicked that ex to the curb then keep it that way.

🔥❤️ Passions running high can do wonders aimed in the right direction. 💓LOVE THOSE YOU LOVE ~ LAY ON THE LOVE TO THOSE WHO WANT YOU TO THRIVE💓 & don’t burn anyone’s house down – though burning letters & photos is a great act of release at this time. #kbye ✌🏼

Saturn in Capricorn realness

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Saturn, Venus, the Sun AND Pluto in Capricorn are setting the stage for the next 3 years.

As Saturn puts pressure on us to make responsible choices & Pluto destroys things from the inside out, this means not only cutting the bullshit & defining our limits, but also choosing things/people/behaviours that bring joy & levity, and reflect our authenticity. ✨🤸🏽‍♀️✨

There’s no sugar coating the next 3 years. Saturn & Pluto both in the same sign is a LOT. It’s heavy. You’re no doubt feeling the shift already. It’s a cycle that produces immense intensity, with ripple effects that last decades. 🖤

Saturn says “Do the hard work & you’ll be rewarded,”~ and in this there must be time for grieving & release in our self care & care for each other. 💓👁🦋





We are constantly inundated with the worst expressions of #mars : violence, aggression, domination, war ~ we’re all familiar with our patriarchal indoctrination that is one eyed & stepping on others to win for the sake of winning. ✨⚔️✨


Many of us are brought up being told that this is the only way to express our #marsenergy .We all have Mars in our charts & we’re all affected by Mars in the sky at every moment…but Mars is a warrior & in its best expression it is a body guard, a protector & one who fights for the underdog. ✨⚔️✨


With all this #aries energy building in the sky this month, get your Mars out! 🔊 Speak up for those who are silenced. 💪🏼 Stand up for those who are held down. Find your ☄️Mars💥 & unleash it toward the old, oppressive powers that need to remember that we are here & that when we’re working in solidarity our unifying force is unstoppable.🔥 ✨⚔️✨


Watch this space 🎯 for an #astrooracle coming to you from @jfancydesigns & myself ☺️💥


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