Taurus Full Moon 2020

https://videopress.com/v/89WCw2QR?autoPlay=true&loop=true&muted=true&persistVolume=false&preloadContent=metadata Anyone else feeling both wired & tired?! This Full Moon building toward a sparky connection with Uranus + Mars still Rx in Aries leaves me exhausted at the end of the day yet unable to sleep. How bout you?! Uranus is turbulence. It’s chaotic & unpredictable...so sometimes the best way to utilise this energy …

Sensitive freight

  Life is just one continuous transition. There are no breaks & not one single destination. Even the ‘breaks’ are stations reorienting us from one point to the next...to the next...   There’s a lot of activity in the sky this week that can stir up lots of feels & frustrations. There’s also the desire …

Uranus in Taurus

  Although I haven’t watched it, the “does it spark joy?” question has filtered through. Like anyone listening to these Uranus in Taurus messages, I’m getting down, closer, to that which calls me, holds value & needs to go. Where ever Taurus lands in your chart, you understand the desire to build roots, have comfort …

Happy Birthday!

  #tbt the 2016 queer astrology calendar where this Taurus babe showed us how to reach for the stars while you’re feet are on the ground...as she does each time she’s on stage with #queerasfunk ~ @queerasfunk 🎉 Happy birthday J-Mac! 😘 @jocelynmacdougall . 📸 @_andreafinlay ##taurusseason #taurus #happybirthday#everydayistaurusseason #astrology


  Way down, Hadestown. Way down under the ground. #scorpiofullmoon #persephone#pomegranate #gottadietobereborn#letthatshitgo #scorpio #taurusseason 🌕🦂♏️ 📸 Pinterest

Taurus Season

LOVE TAURUS SEASON...& hangin' in the garden, pulling weeds & planting seeds with my favourite #sevenofpentacles bull 🐂 babe @jesse.pointer ✨💘