Pay it Forward

Image by Jessika Fancy FEED TWO BIRDS FROM ONE HAND & PAY IT FORWARD! As 2020 unfolds with greater intensity and uncertainty, we're collectively realising our forced dependence on capitalism and our personal impact on each other. As a sole proprietor without government or family financial assistance, I have created an option for those who …

Happy Birthday!

  #tbt the 2016 queer astrology calendar where this Taurus babe showed us how to reach for the stars while you’re feet are on the she does each time she’s on stage with #queerasfunk ~ @queerasfunk 🎉 Happy birthday J-Mac! 😘 @jocelynmacdougall . 📸 @_andreafinlay ##taurusseason #taurus #happybirthday#everydayistaurusseason #astrology