Retrograde loop

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As Mercury stations retrograde, I’m noticing a repetition of issues arising from the Venus Retrograde cycle this time last year. Are you?
Venus retrograde in Aries 2017 was a hella time. How could we forget!? The descent into the underworld of our own worth posed hard questions about the fine line between our own needs and our needs with an other: #ariesproblems. Facing our shadow, we walked the razors edge toward redemption and self-determination, meeting Chiron deep in the pool of collective pain and wounding, only to arise again with a new definition of self and initiative in relationship. PHEW!

It was a lot, and what I’m noticing with Mercury covering that same terrain right now is that unresolved issues from that time are arising…the questions that were unanswered are on the table again, and Aries’ need for space, independence & initiative is HOT!

Wherever Aries is in your chart is where this dust is being kicked up. Retrograde times are not to be feared, it’s a time to tie up loose ends, to identify those things that aren’t working for you and to realign yourself with your own path #ariesstyle
So, what came up this time last year in the Venus retrograde cycle? What patterns are you seeing re-emerge at this time that need tending to? What is self-determination for you personally and in your relationships? What can’t you ignore anymore? If you had to be the Fool and jump right now, what would that look like? What do you need?
Mercury and the Sun will cross paths on April 1st – and you get to define what it means to be the Fool. There are other folks who are more versed on Tarot than I am who could speak to Fool energy in relation to this Aries season & I’d love to hear about it! WHAT IS THE FOOL CARD ABOUT & HOW CAN WE EMBRACE IT AT THIS TIME?! @meowlchemist @dreamy.sea@magichourastrology @aliawalston@abbeyjadetarot 🔮
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Retrograding through liminal space

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✨ Venus is at the end of her retrograde journey. Today & tomorrow she’s coming to a final stop before moving forward again.

This part of the retrograde cycle is challenging. Find that ‘here nor there’ liminal space amongst the mass amount of tension that can be likened to an arrow being pulled back in a bow before release.

Find your stillness amongst any chaos or challenging situations. Be wide eyed & open to the messages that Venus is offering about your direction forward. Take stock of all you’ve learnt in this Rx cycle.

Our pain & vulnerability is on the table. Commit to working through it & with it, not against it. To be responsible for our freedom means so many things. Leaving old patterns behind, in which direction do you want to be released?

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Venus the Morning Star reappears!

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Our 40 day~40 night #venusretrogradechallenge is coming to an end as Venus re-emerges & ends her Retrograde cycle over the next few days. You can see her as a ✨morning star ✨if you’re not living under these oppressive rain clouds of the #pnw ☔️… what a ride!

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Venus!!! Can you see her?? WOW.. this retrograde has been incredible, intense & such a blessing for hidden learnings. Thank you so much @dru.ish for your daily intel, inspo & humor!! You’ve made this cosmic journey fun!!
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Let the light in. Let the light out.

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The Moon’s in #leo, loverz & #venus is still retrograde…edging toward the cuddle puddle with #chiron in #pisces at the end of it all.


• Venus has been gently/not so gently pushing us to take a look at what we value, who we share our precious life resources with & where we place ourselves amongst it all.


••• How are you faring?•••


✨ As #saturn is turning #retrograde too, we’re being called to solidify the changes we know we need to implement, to have our lives reflect the ways in which we value ourselves & everything we interact with. Living an authentic life means being responsible for your freedom. Being responsible for your freedom can mean paying rent on time while you’re living your dream, putting yourself first where you’ve developed patterns of dependence.


• However it is for you, be brave & step into ✨your own light✨. Come out from any shadows of your past & step up to the plate of living your fullest, truest, most sincere expression of yourself.


••• What are you waiting for? •••



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Venus Retrograde 2017

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Venusian #queenhetzy ponders her #venusretrograde experience…all this #aries energy has reminded her of what a good idea it is to just #chillout & appreciate the good things in life…like #lounging & falling asleep in your food bowl. 😻


• Today & tomorrow #venus is back in the first degree of Aries, which is the first degree of the #zodiac.

• What has the #venusretrograde2017 been about for you? What has all this Aries energy initiated? What has come up for review that needs to be put in the fire of renewal?


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