Sensitive freight

Sensetive freight


Life is just one continuous transition. There are no breaks & not one single destination. Even the ‘breaks’ are stations reorienting us from one point to the next…to the next…


There’s a lot of activity in the sky this week that can stir up lots of feels & frustrations. There’s also the desire to make sense of the most recent Mercury Retrograde cloud that passed through & hung heavy.


Being at the halfway point of this years Eclipse Seasons we have lights illuminating the road both back & forth. When / if the heavy feels land, take them as a sign post for things that are amidst transition ~ we need to create space for the new to come in by acknowledging & releasing the old. 


Control is an illusion that keeps us in stuck states, so denying ourselves direct contact with our vulnerabilities & sensitivity can only create frustrating road blocks. There’s no hurry & nowhere to go!


2019 Horoscopes: @them

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What a Jupiter in Sagittarius gift; having my 2019 Horoscopes reach queerdo’s far and wide! I hope they continue to guide you throughout the year and remind you to offer yourself the compassion we so readily offer others.

Thanks to @them for the opportunity, as well as to the special people in my life who support me and my work in a multitude of ways. Also, the artwork by Raisa Yavneh is amazing!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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Mutable Magic – the changing of seasons


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The mutable signs ~ Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces ~ all represent the energy of the changing seasons.

There’s been an irritability in the air. Not of the Mars variety where we could blow our top. It’s based in the mutable energy of change that doesn’t let us settle. 

Mutable signs remind us that change is necessary. Stagnation is not an option and remaining in the past lacks vitality. In such unpredictable and often volatile times, we seek the security of things unchanging. Change represents chaos, and chaos reminds us that we don’t have control. But chaos is from where life emerges. It’s the void that contains the all; where we come from and to where we all return.

Each Mutable sign follows a Fixed sign. The Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) represent the peak of a season. There is no denying in February that we’re in the depths of Winter in the Nth Hemisphere – and the height of Summer in the South. 

Fixed energy is sure and stable. It’s the foundation stones upon which we build life. Mutable signs, however, transition us from this stability, simultaneously aware of what it’s emerging from and heading toward. Moving, changing, gathering information, mutability is never still, never stagnant. Always curious and of service.

Mutable signs gather the information we need to transition to the peak of our potential. They are the gate keepers to the Solstice and Equinox. They are the changing of the guard from one season to another. It is both receptive and dynamic.

A snake sheds its skin before it emerges anew. The energy of change can be uncomfortable because we can’t rest and we have no guarantee of what’s to come. We have to lean into trust and roll with the energy of now. 

This particular mutable season is within the veil of a Venus Retrograde cycle. The energy of change is more potent because we’re being asked to look at what we’re going to leave behind in the Underworld. We will take a Phoenix journey down and through Scorpio’s lair. If you’re struggling against the winds of change right now, ask yourself what you’re holding onto and why. What is lingering from your past that’s draining your vitality?

There is endurance to mutable energy. It has the ability to adapt. To bend and not break. Take this tree wisdom with you though the Underwolrld. We’re all going together. No one is spared.

If you want to hear more about the upcoming energy of 2018, come to my workshop on the Full Moon of Sept 24th  @neighborhood – sign up is on my website

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Freddie Mercury

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When I teach Astrology, I ask students to come to the first class with their theme song. What is THAT song, when yr walking down the street, headphones on & it’s YOUR song?
Not surprisingly, there’s often a correlation between that song & your chart…& ice-breakers suck so it’s a fun way to introduce yourself.

My song is ‘Don’t stop me now,’ by Queen – for obvious reasons – and because I’m continuously inspired by Freddie & his energy & charisma & his art. .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FREDDIE. You personify the hard work & dedication of practice that makes Virgo so deeply magical.

Pisces Full Moon deep dive

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These Pisces Full Moon feels run deep & there’s much to be crafted from this energy.

The ocean’s water & the ocean bed have a symbiotic relationship; both shift & change shape with each other, because of each other, for each other.

This is Pisces. 🐋

Pisces is not in it for itself…because Pisces is aware that it IS EVERYTHING. From our ocean bed to the layers of consciousness, Pisces is everywhere & everything at once. #mutablemagic

This Full Moon comes with a Grand Earth trine that offers us the opportunity to not get disoriented in this expanse, but to make something from it, to make something of it.

Without Earth, water lacks definition. Without water, Earth is barren – a disaster for an element that knows how to produce.

Take these Pisces feels & make Virgo proud! Channel this energy through your hands & bring the energy down to Earth.

…and contact Jessika Fancy if you want an Orca print!

Virgo New Moon

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Mercury is clearing up any last remnants from its recent retrograde cycle. .
What have you been learning, digesting & processing?
#virgo understands purification like no other sign. Set yourself up to rid yourself of anything toxic in your environment through this lunation cycle – people, behaviours, habits. .
Unfollow those accounts who leave you with a bad taste in your mouth errytime you log in. Identify what is being of service to your road forward & purge that which holds you back & keeps you in a stuck state of shitty vibes.
#cleartheclutter #virgovibes#healthyboundaries #virgoseason#mercuryretrograde 💓 #loveavirgomoontoday
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Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

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Mercury is retrograde & the view behind is just as busted as the mirror itself.
Every Retrograde cycle gives us opportunity to review the past, to get so irritated with complications that we change things…& this cycle, being in hard working #virgo wants us to get real…to put our feet on the ground & put those busy-Virgo-brain thoughts into action.

Mercury has close ties with Neptune this time around, prompting us to work meticulously through the smoke & mirrors to see what our dreams are really made of…who’s back are they built on…& what lies behind the reality of dream building. Every colonised country has a nationalistic dream that encourages us to not look backward, to not question the foundations underfoot & to defend that dream that is rightfully yours.
🛑 Stop. Go back.
This Mercury Rx ends its journey at a #leointersection with #Mars. All of this plays into the narrative now. Intersections are where we find the most violence, both politically & physically (on the road). Contrary energies converge at one point & in times of our greatest challenges, all lights are green. 🚦
#leoseason is often loud & unavoidable, & this particular season has the dial turned up to 10 so you don’t miss the memo! If your dream is built on white supremacy, peace-out-blinkers, yolo moments of self importance, living & supporting the colonial dream, you know your foundation blocks are wobbling right now.
All over the planet POC are reminded on the daily that they are not safe in their home, on their homelands, while under protection of the law & under white law. Nothing on the news right now is new, it’s been conveniently hidden behind the obnoxious noise of #systemicracism & the white dream. #youvebeenliedto
There’s no avoiding responsibility – both personally & politically…& when this Rx cycle ends you will need to know which way your sword faces & to what lengths you’ll go to defend the side of history you’re standing on. ⚔️ #fuckwhitesupremacy#blacklivesmatter #whichsideareyouon#alloppressionisviolence #justiceforelijah#nojisticenopeace #eclipseseason#mercuryretrograde ⚖️

Virgo Full Moon

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Virgo Moon is FULL today at 7.54am PST. Earth signs need to physically manifest…& Virgo can get stuck on a loop with thoughts.

This #fullmoon contains a hard conversation between Mercury & Saturn. What has come up during this #piscesseason that needs definition? ✨

prioritise ~ write lists ~ get your thoughts out of your head into physical reality ~ walk it out.

Virgo understands ritual likeno other sign. What do you do as a daily ritual for yourself?


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