Taurus New Moon carries Jupiter forth into Pisces

It’s kinda hard to believe that Jupiter is at the final 29th degree of Aquarius right now. It seemed like it took EONS to trek through Capricorn last year. Navigating the brambles of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, Jupiter added enormity to all that was 2020. Breezing right through the entirety of Aquarius in less than 5 months, it’s about to switch gears again and dip its toe into Pisces later today.

The New Moon in Taurus is carrying Jupiter across the threshold from Aquarius to Pisces. Image by Ronald Cuyan

Jupiter moving into Pisces will emphasise just how MASSIVE everything is. Collectively we’ve been in pando town for over a year now. Through it we’ve been pushed head first into economic, physical, medical and political changes, and all of that combined now situates us at ideological war with one another. Since when did we have to agree on EVERYTHING to get along? Thanks, Aquarius!

If any sign can bring things back to earth, it’s Taurus. This New Moon is ushering Jupiter back onto home turf, offering us space to ask ‘what’s really going on?’ While we may not get the whole truth, we can be responsible for our own patch of earth and knowing where we stand. Looking each other in the eye, having face to face conversations instead of manic scrolling and reposting, and acknowledging the ways reality and media don’t align takes extra vigilance. If any two things combined know how to blow something out of proportion it’s Jupiter and Pisces…and that particular story will come to a head in 2022.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius happened last December. It marked the initiation of a new 200 year cycle of social change which means we’re only in the early days. We are the seeds of this new Air era. Our choices mean something. What we say, share, create and perpetuate will have consequences down the line. Fixed signs are called fixed signs for a reason. What we initiate now will stick.

Did you lose your key in Jarry Parc, Montreal?

I found this key in Jarry Parc on the night of the New Moon. If you lost one, it might be yours! Taurus season, while responsible for the colour and fragrance of flowers is also the other side of the Scorpio coin. The Spring bounty is an assertion of rebirth from decay and loss. This time of year always reminds me of Hekate, the keeper of keys. She was the only one to hear Persephone scream on her way down to the Underworld, and she is always there to greet her when she rises again in Spring (see Saffron Rossi for more).

Keys alert us to liminality. They open up and allow passage through from one thing to another, and today Jupiter is stepping through the threshold of Aquarius into new terrain of Pisces. That means it’s shifting gears for all of us. Watch your dreams this week, both sleep and waking, and look to where Aquarius and Pisces hold ground in your chart to see what’s shifting personally for you. Within this New Moon cycle both Mercury and Saturn will turn Rx, too, so while there is an ushering forward we will have to back track for realignment as we go.

In this New Moon cycle I will be utilising other ways of being connected with you without this 3rd party, Zuck-owned beast. My books open again tomorrow for readings, with limited availability due to studies and other projects, and I will also be creating a newsletter. If you wanna stay connected and swim in my astro insights with me, I will use that space to connect in ways that this platform doesn’t allow. Come hang out!

Taurus Season allows us to pause and reassess our resources, where we place value and what we’re contributing to for long term growth. While it can be rewarding to realign, it also means we have to be honest about where there is lack, where we have sold ourselves short and where our investments have little return.

Taurus Season allows us to pause and reassess our resources, where we place value and what we’re contributing to for long term growth. Image by Pawel Czerwinski

There has been a surge of backup accounts popping up around this New Moon, reinforcing where we have misplaced our personal and collective potential, reflecting scarcity and a lack of security instead of reliability and trust. Creating a back up account on the very platform that blocked you is like the bank stealing your money and you opening a savings account with the same bank just incase it happens again.

Don’t miss the opportunity to start something new. Collectively we have the power, resources and smarts to create something that works for us, and with us. If the last faux president of the United States can start his own online platform and the new prez can get elected on a “No Malarkey” slogan, surely we can, together, create new ways to connect that don’t require a 3rd party owned and operated by the shallow ethics of Mark Zuckerburg. Surely.

Together we are dreaming our new reality into existence. Each one of us is responsible for our own seeds of potential. If you’d like some personal guidance you can see the readings I offer here, and sign up below to receive my new newsletter next New Moon!

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