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 “I had a Saturn Return reading with Dru and I am looking forward to my future after our reading. She is SO knowledgeable and explains everything thoroughly, I had all of my questions answered before I had an opportunity to ask. She literally mapped out how to navigate these Saturn waters and is so easy to talk to. I am looking forward to getting other readings from her in the future and recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and helping on my path Dru. You are a gem.”
“My Astro birth chart reading with Dru was so rad and enlightening! Her reading helped me understand myself and how I’m put together in ways that over a decade of therapy have not. It was an incredibly healing experience. Dru’s vast knowledge of astrology, intuition and sparkling Sagittarius personality all contributed to a fun and enlightening session. I can’t say enough amazing things about Dru or about my experience getting a reading. Give yourself this gift and schedule a reading.”
~ L.W.


I just entered my Saturn Return and had no idea what that meant or how this time in my life was related to Astrology. A friend recommended I connect with Dru and I am so glad I did.

Dru patiently, kindly and knowledgeably taught me about my chart, gifted me space with which to view myself on a cosmic level. All the while, she thoughtfully allowed for practical ways to keep myself open and grounded.

I’m am SO stoked to now have a bit of perspective while I lay the foundation of who and how I am to become during this whole Saturn Return journey.

~ M.



Dru is a gifted astrologer. She brings warmth and levity to her consultations, along with tremendous insight and knowledge. During a session, she is patient, thoughtful, and present. I’ve met with Dru annually for three years and each time, I leave feeling buoyant, centred, and appreciative of my journey. My work with her has been incredibly affirming and empowering – thank you, Dru!!

~ E.E.


My session with Dru was an amazing experience and exactly what I needed right now. Her reading reflected not only the major aspects of my personality and the big themes of my life right now, but also precise details that I was shocked to hear from someone I’d just met. More than that, her reading got at energies within me and forces in my life that I’m only just beginning to sense.

Dru was able to explain complicated astrological concepts in ways that were really easy to understand, which has also helped me learn more about astrology on my own since my session with her. And her skill in interpreting astrology is beautifully complimented by her ability to act as a kind of counselor. She is incredibly warm, insightful, supportive, and intuitive. She made me feel so accepted, like it’s not only okay but actually really awesome to be exactly who I am. Even though her reading suggested that I would face a lot of challenges in the next while, she was so supportive and encouraging and offered so much wisdom that I left feeling absolutely inspired.
During the night after our session, I had many dreams that were all centered around the information she’d given me. Clearly, her reading hit home even on the level of my unconscious. Dru is amazing and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone.
~ P.M.

I’d heard about Dru’s readings through a few friends and was intrigued to know more about what the stars had in store for me. A week before my birthday, I was given the gift of a Predictive Reading and couldn’t wait. Dru was incredibly patient and diligent in preparing my reading, provided a comfortable space, and I especially appreciated the open dialogue throughout it all.

It helped me better understand the reason my particular story played out the way it did, as well as equipped me with the tools to better take on the next year. I gained perspective and insight that I’d been searching for for years.

It was a wonderful gift that I’d want to receive again in the future and gift my friends and family.

~ S.Z.


I have had the privilege of having my chart read by Dru and it was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. It was like this total stranger delicately and gently deep-dove into my soul and shone a light on some of my strengths and some of my pain, on some of my realities and some of my dreams. We spent an hour together but it felt like we’d been swimming around in those depths for hours. I was deeply moved by her humility, her insight and her gentle wisdom. The insights I gained from that one hour are still with me and have had a huge impact on how I have taken care of myself and my tender heart ever since.

~ J.M.



I have had my horoscope done a few times before I heard about Dru’s services.  Those previous readings were overall good, and gave some insight in situations, but nothing compared to Dru’s work.  I decided to go for the full reading (past, present, future) and never regretted doing so.  When my horoscope was done, Dru took the time to read and explain my charts (you’ll get more than one chart – so great!) to me.  Everything that Dru told me made sense.  I was blown away by the accuracy, specially when we talked about some key dates in my life.  They were really spot on – I could remember the important things that had happened in those time frames.  Dru’s insight and explanations on what’s going on in my life right now (and into the future) has also given me clarity on some issues and helped me make up my mind on some big decisions.  If you want a very detailed, spot-on (and fun!) reading, look no further.

~ P.W.




I found myself being quite astounded in Dru’s ability to ‘get me’ and to help me see and understand how my past relates to the present and to where I’m going from here. A few days after hearing Dru’s wonderful analogies of the ‘theatre of my life’ I texted her about a seemingly out-of-the-blue incident that showed me that indeed things were happening as she had described – that was soooo cool!
It was such a gift to be able to hear her insights and the time I spent with Dru and those charts has helped in knowing what types of things are pending and some things are just meant to be. I found myself thinking about Dru’s session when considering important decisions about my future and it has really clarified my thinking about some important life events. I really enjoyed the excitement Dru has for her talents and how she soooo gets right into it.
Thank you sooooo much Dru. You are such a sweet gem.

~ E.H.



Since I’ve met Dru, I’ve always thought there’s something special about her. Her skill and professionalism in her astrology readings is matched by her open heart and great sense of humour. I would recommend Dru to anyone seeking this kind of joyful care.

~ E.V.W.