The Twin Within

Gemini energy can be hard to get hold of. All mutable energy is. The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) are busy gathering information in their respective realms. It’s what they do, and life would be hella boring if it was void of these dynamic energies and explorations.

For those who are heavily influenced by Earth or Water, the pace and levity of Gemini can appear superficial, distracted and gone before you even begin to peel back a layer of depth. To look a little deeper you need to abandon the desire to capture and know. If you can sit back and observe, the interplay that unfolds is a dynamic map full of integrated intelligence and connections between seemingly unrelated points.

Gemini at its best is hearing everything at once; operating on a finely tuned frequency that has the capacity to simultaneously integrate, process and reflect back. It’s the messenger sending and receiving concurrently. At its essence (uninfluenced by other modifying factors), Gemini is not here to hang around for the emotional response that their messages bring. It’s purely a messenger energy; a transmitter, a runner between worlds who has to be swift in its dealings because timing is everything.

Gemini does have the capacity for depth, but we’re taught to think of depth through a Water lens. There is something to be said for the mythology underpinning it: the Twins and Hermes both have the ability to enter into the Underworld and leave unscathed. If you’re available, Gemini will look you dead in the eye and tell you the truth you’re avoiding, always reflecting back. Who’s the slippery fish now?

While the lesson for Gemini is seeking within what we seek without, we all carry a Twin processor around with us. The left side of the brain operating the right side of the body and vice versa, constantly firing nerve impulse across synapses to relay messages from one end of the body to the other in milliseconds. It’s an intricate, dynamic system working across hemispheres whose multi-functionality we rely on moment to moment.

The Twin Within: Right brain – left brain functions. Image source:

In a world where binaries are violently enforced, we’re told to consider ourselves as right brain or left brain dominant. While Gemini loves the structural patterns in details & numbers, it’s also aware of the creative pattern that intricately connects energy, matter and form. Here binaries are synonymous, not opposing forces. So Gemini creates words to memorialize that fragrance, poems for that experience of love, spreadsheets to track your finances and books to preserve those arising moments of wisdom and inspiration.

Gemini connects. It understands that the details are the basic foundations stones of the magic of life. Love your local Gemini!

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