The Underworld

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Today we’re at the midpoint of this #venusretrograde journey. We’re in the heart of the #underworld . We’re in front of the mirror looking at our #shadow in the thick of our own shit; both personal & collective.

#venusinaries can be an uncomfortable energy. Where we usually know of harmony & ease we can find volatility & defensiveness. Where we know of pleasure & the good things in life, we find the need to assert boundaries & fight for what we love. 💘

The Underworld is not a pretty place, & the things that come up in this part of the cycle sprout straight from there. What we try to bury & cover up comes into full bloom. Collectively, what we’ve tried to sweep under the rug is coming out to haunt us. ⚰️

The Underworld is governed by #hades In today’s context, he’s a man with a lot of power who takes what he wants without consultation. The (edited) story goes that he abducts #persephone because he wants her, & because he can, & manipulates her into not being able to fully leave the Underworld. Her mother is distraught, obvs, & her father kinda let this happen & only intervenes when the situation starts to impinge on his own power. 😠 Sound familiar? 😡

It’s no coincidence that the plight of women of colour going missing at an alarming rate right now is coming to our attention. Collectively we have to face our own contribution to this story. Collectively we’re all responsible for their redemption.
This part of the cycle is dark. It’s uncomfortable & the feelz are heavy. The #moon is in #pisces wedged between the South node & #neptune in case you’d been trying to avoid all those feelz under the surface. 🐋

What have you lost in yourself, what has been taken from you that you need to fight to redeem? •♈️•
#aries wants us to come out fighting the perpetrators of injustice & to put up our shields to protect those who need it. 🤺⚔️🛡


#venusretrograde2017 #thisisit #findthem #missingdcgirls #keepacandleburning 🕯 #dontstopnow


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