Thursday, May 14th

Thursday: Jupiter’s Day.

Jupiter is still stationary today, but it turns to face the retrograde direction – looking toward 17* of Capricorn; we have seen this visually with Venus. A planet turning retrograde stays in the same area of the sky for an extended, intensified period of time.

Where is Capricorn in your chart? What other area of life is being thrown for a loop right now?

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance who is on a forever quest for truth and ethical justice has its hands tied in Capricorn. Through 2019, Jupiter was in buoyant, optimistic Sagittarius, taking the edge off the intensity that was building in Capricorn.

2020 sees Jupiter robbed of its regal robes and cast out on the street to hear from those impacted by the harsh hand of inequality and trickle down economics. Jupiter has a lot to learn in Capricorn. Nothing comes easy. It’s often severely impacted by a sense of duty as reward is won through hardship, while being hosted by Capricorn.

If you have this natally in your chart you might feel bewildered by how Jupiter is described in modern Astrology books, wondering when your Jupitarian relief check is due to land. Jupiter in Capricorn is in it for the long haul, but there are consistent themes regarding authority figures, inferiority / superiority and issues around excess and deprivation.

Capricorn 2020!

Since December 2019 Jupiter has covered a lot of ground. Currently stationing at 27* Capricorn (that’s only 2 degrees from the very end of the sign), Jupiter doesn’t get a lot of help in this position. All year it’s having tense conversations with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld.

Notice how justice seems hard come by right now? Everyone thinks they’re right and people who were once allies are now yelling from vastly polarised positions. We can watch this Pluto – Jupiter connection for when these conversations escalate and when propaganda and misinformation will be in abundance.

When Jupiter retrogrades, we back track over the truths we’ve purported, the commitments we have over extended ourselves to, what we’re aiming for and what our truth really is. This year, Jupiter and Pluto have fast tracked our understanding of mortality. It has been unavoidable since Covid-19 has spread as prolifically as conspiracy theories. No one is spared and many have reached the end of their lives in the worst of Capricorn conditions: isolated, suffering and alone.

Where we are used to the abundance of Jupiter saving the day and pointing us toward the light at the end of the tunnel. In Capricorn, we have to do the hard work ourselves. There’s no lucky breaks and Pluto is only amplifying and intensifying the stories. These two together, who are brothers in Greek mythology, have freely distributed conspiracy theories, brought people out to protest our safety, amplified racial inequality and sent the economy on its own retrograde journey.

Jupiter will retrograde back to 17* Capricorn over the next four months and by the end of this Venus Rx cycle, Jupiter will once again stop in for tea with Pluto……

The life giving Sun has a direct line to Pluto all day today, so if there’s any Spring cleaning or shedding of some sort that needs to occur, put this energy somewhere constructive. Give it a job!

9.24pm EST the Moon changes sign to meet Mars and Neptune in Pisces. The Moon is like a light bringer, a messenger and a connector. We will gain some insight about what Mars is up to in Pisces and have 2.5 days of deep, emotional swimming and processing as Mercury in Gemini gets tied into the dialogue, too. Try to find the middle ground between your heart and mind, or your emotional realm and intellect. Not all of the messages will go through and some wires might suffer water damage.

Venus is retrograde today. How does that feel for you?