Last night we stood out in this vast space & watched the Samhain sun set & the moon rise. While I was blown away by the rapidly changing colours & how refreshing it has been living with our planets’ rhythms ~ taking time to watch the Sun and Moon rise & set on a daily basis, going to bed when it’s dark, rising with Venus & the Sun ~ it also occurred to me that this pleasing feeling that this scene gave me was the energy of a trine.

Astrologically, a 🔺trine aspect between planets represents an easy, free-flowing vibe between those 2 planets. There’s a harmonious exchange happening, nothing jarring, it’s more like catching up with an old friend…this is also why pop astrology will always suggest compatibility between signs of the same element taurus and capricorn ~ libra and aquarius ~ leo and sagittarius etc.

When the moon is in its ¼ or ¾ phase of its cycle, it’s in a 90* square aspect to the sun. Like the physical shape, squares can be jarring ☐ ~ like someone blindsiding you as they approach from a 90* angle. Coupled with this, we see a straight line diving the lit side of the moon with its shadow side. The trine aspect offers us a less linear, softer curve shape.
That 120* separation in space is not just an ease in a 2D chart & someone’s life, it’s also physically nourishing to watch. Thanks trine friends!

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