Tuesday, May 19th

As the Moon moves through the later degrees of Aries today it can bring some tensions to the fore. On the one hand you might be longing for structure and stability, but your body is aching for movement and change. Try not bite the hook if it presents itself – just know that this is part of the mood of the day. The “Small Rituals” section Jessika has offered may be especially helpful today.

At 10.11pm the Moon graces Taurus with its presence while the Sun puts on its coat and prepares to leave. Both of the Luminaries in the same sign signals that we’re approaching the end of this Lunar Cycle. Energies are low, information is hidden or is retiring to the quiet recesses of our mind, and we are being drawn inward.

Taurus follows Aries with the desire to put all of that energy into something useful that will offer sustenance. Take stock today. Buy groceries so you don’t have to over the coming days, create some order in your physical environment and treat yourself to something that is physically pleasurable.

Venus makes its first departure from 21* Gemini, where it’s been since the 7th of May. Remember in the Visual Astrology video how we watched Venus stop and hover in the sky before it moved. Today is the day we’re seeing some real movement in the retrograde direction.

Image by Dru Ish

At 20* Gemini we activate the energy of Fixed Star, Bellatrix, which resides in the constellation of Orion. To the Ancient Egyptians, Orion was God; it’s where the Pharaoh’s came from and it’s where they returned to in the afterlife.

This is a significant constellation because of its historical significance and also because it’s one that most people know. That means it’s etched into the collective psyche weather you live in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres, throughout any age.

Bellatrix, while a powerful energy bestowing greatness, also asks for something in return. There are no free rides. It requires us to face our own shadow and any neuroses in our psyche. While this is a collective activation, take note of what comes through in the news over the next three days and what internal voices might be itching for attention.

Venus moving to 20* Gemini means that it is reaching the peak (for the 2nd time) with Neptune in Pisces. These two first embraced May 4-6 when many cities were talking about loosening social distancing rules for the sake of the economy. This conversation will strengthen over night, so we’ll touch base with it in tomorrow’s email.

It’s been a big week for retrograde motion! Take a look at which houses are having some retrograde re-doing and renovating in your chart (Gemini for Venus, Capricorn for Jupiter and Pluto, Aquarius for Saturn) and make some notes about what themes have presented!

Venus – Neptune
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