Van Gogh gets a serve of soup!

Climate protesters threw a can of tomato soup on Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflower’s’ painting just after 11am Friday, October 14th, at London’s National Gallery, before gluing themselves to the wall.

Video footage from Damien Gayle, Twitter:

The activists said, “What is worth more, art or life?” “Is it worth more than food? Worth more than justice? Are you more concerned about the protection of a painting or the protection of our planet and people?” “The cost of living crisis is part of the cost of oil crisis. Fuel is unaffordable to millions of cold, hungry families. They can’t even afford to heat a tin of soup.”

Throwing a can of soup in protest of people starving on the work of a man who was impoverished and didn’t eat well due to his mental health issues seems like a stretch, but they obviously have a valid point that our current collective values support some things, and people, over others.

Climate activists throw tomato soup on Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ – event chart

Just after 11am Scorpio was ascending. Almost complete in its daily rise, the 29th degree was pushing for a close until 11.11am. If “just after 11am” means 11.12am, we have a different chart. However, the symbolism of “red soup” speaks immediately to Mars being part of the incident.

Mars ruling Scorpio, in Gemini, on the cusp of the 8th house, approaching its retrograde cycle is not good for these activists – two people dressed the same (like twins), one vocal the other silent. They clearly have a message (Gemini) but are beholden to those who oppose their (malefic) actions on their beloved posession. This Mars placement, not surprisingly, also sits on Van Gogh’s North Node at 23 degrees Gemini in his 12th house, with Neptune crossing his MC. What is he trying to tell us?!

As the incident unfolded, Mars activated Van Gogh’s natal North Node, and Neptune crossed his MC.

The peregrine Moon in Gemini was running between Mercury in Libra, yelling in the very public 10th house art Museum about injustice, toward Saturn, ruling the 3rd house of messages. Rx and conjunct the cusp, this Saturn story suggests there will likely be severe consequences that bind, like glue!

Apparently the art work itself is fine: an artwork depicting Sunflowers when Venus in Libra is ruling the 11th house of luck, combust the fallen Sun – this chart is pretty alive! The received trine to Saturn from Venus in its exaltation illustrates that the frame, even though damaged, may have somehow protected the piece, or took the brunt of the ‘attack.”
At the base of the chart is Neptune, ruling oil, but more so undermining any good intent the activists may have had, confusing what could have been a direct message. The activists (Mars) are tightly square Neptune, suggesting there may be some confusion, or idealism, in their actions

Video footage from Damien Gayle, Twitter:

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