Venus Cazimi – New Libra Star Point

The Venus Star Point in Libra is open!

As Venus moves around the zodiac, it begins a new cycle every 18 months when it joins with the great Sun. Marking each conjunction, a 5 pointed star forms. Kewl, huh?!

Below, I’ve plotted Venus’ superior conjunction with the Sun through the signs from 1771-2062. Each change of colour marks a turn of century. Click on the videos to enlarge the image.

It’s quite something to meditate on this shape that has been continually drawn in the sky around us, even when the Church condemned it…it continues on and on, irrespective of what we think of it, what we project onto it, or whether we even notice. Click on the video for full screen effect.

The Venus Star Point is a term coined by Arielle Guttman – check out her work. October 22nd, 2022 marks the beginning of Venus’ passage through Libra – one of the Star Points in the cycle. This means that the Venus Star point in Libra is once again open, and the Sun and Venus will continue to meet here until 2118.

The last time Venus turned the key at 29* Libra, Mozart was 15, writing his Ascanio in Alba, commissioned by the Empress Maria Theresa for the wedding of her son on 15 October 1771. How fitting!

Listen to Mozart’s masterpiece here.

When the Libra door opens, another pattern also appears. Star Points in Venus’ nocturnal domicile, Taurus, and its sign of Exaltation, Pisces also begin. This is a big shift in gears from the Scorpio (detriment) – Aries (detriment) – Virgo (Fall) struggle we’ve been dealing with throughout the 1900’s+. This marks the beginning of great social change with regard to consensus, love and how we join together.

On a personal level, Venus governs our desires, tastes, pleasure, and attraction. If you have personal planets at this 29th degree of Libra, or initiate something on this day, you and those events carry this significance. However, this large cycle is best observed from a birds eye view. While there may have been beauty, art, creation and social ease today, on a collective level it defines how we get along, join together for mutual gain and form social consensus. It will be interesting to watch how we join together with the intention of love and mutual gain. Sounds a lot better than all this war and anti-social “justice” we’re living with. Let’s see! Let’s consciously work with this energy.

Venus Star Points 1771 – 2062 by Dru Ish

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