Venus in Capricorn on TINDER

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👑Queen VENUS joins boss-lady Saturn & the Sun in LET’S GET REAL Capricorn today.
This configuration reminds us to have really clear boundaries, to know where our NO is & to invest our energies into relationships with people who want to build long lasting structures from solid foundations.
There’s a lot of pressure in queer communities to be poly. There’s pressure to date via dating apps that don’t satisfy our need for genuine human contact & to organically, slowly get to know someone. There’s pressure to date & not be ‘single’.
Venus standing strong in Cap says GO AT YOUR OWN PACE! You decide your boundaries & define your own needs amongst the frenzy of social pressure.

If honouring your own needs & having a relationship with yourself means going against the grain, then you’re bound to stand out to those you’re looking for – both romantically & in friendship because you’re aligning yourself with your values. 👌🏼🤸🏽‍♀️✨

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