Venus Retrograde 2020

Every 8 years Venus retrogrades through the same sign highlighting issues of relationships, money, values and desire. In the retrograde journey, Venus descends into the underworld for 40 days and 40 nights where we are collectively faced with our own shadows.

This year Venus will retrograde through Gemini while contacting Neptune, Mars, Mercury and the Moon. As Gemini rules the lungs and Venus compels us to socialise, this Rx cycle has the potential to move us through this time consciously or take us backwards in our response to the current pandemic.

Registration remains open throughout the cycle

What we’re offering

For the duration of this cycle Dru Ish & Jessika Fancy are offering weekly astrological and magical guidance to inspire you. This is designed for you to work through at your own pace no matter your knowledge or experience.

You will be sent a link each week for the duration of the retrograde cycle (6 weeks) to work with the current themes via different media.

Dru will cover the astrology unpacking the transits of the week ahead, specific planetary energies, highlighting specific days and themes to watch out for as well as tutorials and prompts for self-learning. You can view more of Dru’s work here.

Jessika will offer intuitive creative inspirations and journal prompts, magical spells and oracle guidance using the Visions: Crystal Oracle Deck as well as flower oracle information. She will also be creating a specific Venus Rx alcohol free potion throughout the entirety of this retrograde cycle which is available for purchase at sign up. View Jessika’s website and IG.

Dru and Jessika have been collaborating since 2017 on various projects.


We aim to keep our work as accessible as possible by offering sliding scale rates. If you are of a higher income bracket we encourage you to help us keep our work accessible by paying accordingly.

Tier 1: $40 (Limited availability for low or no income )

Tier 2: $60

Tier 3: $80

***All tiers above $100 include Venus Rx tincture + shipping. US and Canada only.

Tier 4: $110

Tier 5: $135

Tier 6: $155

Tier 7: $185

Tier 8: $210

Tier 9: $250

Venus transitions from setting after the Sun as an Evening Star to rising before the Sun; changing temperament and our approach to Venusian themes. This time is an opportunity to consciously work with Venus through your own creativity and personal astrology.

Follow this link to complete payment.

Begins May 13, 2020 and will remain open for the entirety of the cycle.

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