Venus Retrograde in Gemini – Lindy Chamberlain story

In the 1980’s, people were polarised regarding Lindy Chamberlain’s innocence. Even Meryl Streep made a movie about it. I remember being a kid and having conversations about it at the park in-between cricket innings. Literally everyone was talking about it, but few knew how the collective Venus story was being spun and projected onto one person.

Venus retrogrades through the same sign every 8 years, with five different retrograde cycles running concurrently, each expressing every 18 months. For people born into this cycle, there can be themes that reappear every 8 years that reflect Venus’ journey down into the Underworld.

Lindy and Azaria are inextricably linked to the Venus in Gemini retrograde cycle. Their lives are weaved into what was labelled “The trial of the Century,” which saw one of them lose their life and the other wrongfully convicted of their murder.

Follow this link for a timeline of events and see how Lindy followed the path of Ishtar down into the underworld, only to emerge again 32 years later in the same Venus in Gemini cycle.

Lindy and Azaria Chamberlain on Uluru, August 1980

Lindy Chamberlain and Venus Retrograde in Gemini

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