Venus has an interesting history and cycle. Transforming from the Goddess of Love to the Goddess of War, Venus has always had 2 names and sets of characteristics, depending on its phase and cycle.

The links below all unpack different stages and faces of Venus.

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

Venus Cazimi – New Libra Star Point

The Venus Star Point in Libra is open!

As Venus moves around the zodiac, it begins a new cycle every 18 months when it joins with the great Sun. Marking each conjunction, a 5 pointed star forms. Kewl, huh?!

Julija Simas from the CIA breaks down the Venus Star point cycle

Venus besieged

Besiegement is never fun. Be it on the battlefield, or when everyday life presents unfortunate challenges. To have limited options, one can feel stuck between a rock and a hard place with no way out.

Venus besieged Dru Ish astrology
Venus besieged Dru Ish astrology

Venus through the Elements

Venus as a Morning Star was known as Lucifer: the Light Bringer.

The morning star phase is often characterised by temptation, unbridled passion and treacherousness.

Temptation doesn’t have to mean infidelity and great deception; Venus rules pleasure and desire, it can be in all realms, leading to both pleasure or distress. Look to the element that your Venus is in for clues.

Read more about Venus through the elements.

Fire design by Jessika Fancy @jfancydesigns
Fire design by Jessika Fancy @jfancydesigns

Lindy Chamberlain and Venus retrograde in Gemini

Lindy and Azaria Chamberlain are inextricably linked to this Venus retrograde cycle. Their lives are weaved into what was labelled “The trial of the Century,” which saw one of them lose their life and the other wrongfully convicted of their murder.

Read more about Lindy Chamberlain and Venus retrograde in Gemini.

Lindy Chamberlain expresses the Venus retrograde story. Image source:

Remembering Venus video

This video traces the story of Venus through history – seeing her changing face and narrative across time and cultures.

Watch the Remembering Venus video.

Dan Levy takes Venus to the Met Gala

While Venus crossing the Ascendant is not usually a life changing event, it’s interesting to watch how socialising, pleasure, connection, fashion and colour express when this transit occurs.

See more of Dan and Venus at the Met Gala 2021

AOC as Morning Star Venus

Watching Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fearlessly wave her sword at the insidious power of patriarchy gives image to Venus as a morning star; a skilled fighter and warrior seeking to restore balance to injustice.

Read more about AOC and Venus.

Venus Retrograde workshop 2020

Every 8 years Venus retrogrades through the same sign highlighting issues of relationships, money, values and desire. In the retrograde journey, Venus descends into the underworld for 40 days and 40 nights where we are collectively faced with our own shadows.

Read more about the Venus Retrograde workshop

Venus Retrograde: Soul Retrieval

Venus Retrograde cycles last approximately 40 days and 40 nights, taking us on both a personal and collective journey to face off with our shadow and those rejected, lost parts of ourselves.

Read more about Venus Retrograde as soul retrieval.

What we’ve learnt from Venus Retrograde 2020; article

I wrote an article for Astrology University about the 2020 Venus Rx cycle, which can be viewed here.

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio 2018

Look around to see what is dead or dying. The Venus Retrograde cycle is no joke, and Scorpio does not suffer fools.

Read more about Venus Retrograde through Scorpio 2018.

Death Valley. Image by Dru Ish

Venus Views

I’ve been sleeping outside at Joshua Tree, California, falling asleep under the light of the moon & waking up under the radiance of Venus.

See images of Venus as Morning Star.

Roll me in Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Capricorn on Tinder

Venus standing strong in Capricorn says GO AT YOUR OWN PACE! You decide your boundaries & define your own needs amongst the frenzy of social pressure.

Read about Venus in Capricorn.

Venus in Capricorn on Tinder
Venus in Capricorn on Tinder

The psychic airs are thick

The psychic airs are thick right now. Don’t deny your intuition. Don’t dilute your magic!
We’ve just slipped through the veil of the upcoming VENUS RETROGRADE cycle & the whispers are circling right in front of us!

Read more about Venus retrograde in Scorpio

The ties that bind

We all know stories of people staying in relationships “for the children,” and we can all likely relate to having things in relationships that represent “that thing” that keeps us attached, in therapy, processing, working for and even denying what is ACTUALLY going on.

Read more about Venus as a Morning Star

Venus rises as a Morning Star
Venus rises as a Morning Star – ring by Ryan Chao

Rhianna is Venus

With Rihanna having Venus in Aries, & 2009 being a high profile year for her personal relationship, she will likely be sensing the approaching cycle.

Read more about Rhianna as Venus in Aries.

Rhianna is Venus in Aries

Bananarama return from Venus

Bananarama announce thri comeback tour during the band’s Saturn Return and the Venus Retrograde cycle.

Read more about Bananarama and Venus retrograde

Bananarama reunite in Venus Retrograde cycle
Bananarama reunite in Venus Retrograde cycle

Venus Retrograde heeling

Venus Retrograde 2017

If you thought this was an article from 1953, you’re not alone.

Read more about this ruling in 2017.

Venus Retrograde 40 Day Challenge

Venus Retrograde 40 Day Challenge - Dru Ish
Venus Retrograde 40 Day Challenge – Dru Ish. Image by Tashiko

This 40 day challenge will offer you daily astrological tips based on the movement of the planets through this retrograde period, as well as guidance through weekly emails that aid you in tapping into your own personal Venusian issues and quirks. You will be able to track Venus’ movement through your own chart and see how themes have been arising throughout your entire life via this cycle.

Read more about the Venus Retrograde 40 Day Challenge

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