Waiting in the shadows

How are you fairing after the recent Mercury Rx?

Have you emerged unscathed, or touched by the flames of transformation?

The Moon traversing through Pisces today takes us back into the watery mode, highlighting any residue that needs attention, or that final “Ah, ha!”

We’re still in the shadow phase of this Rx cycle. Not everything is ‘back to normal’ just yet. Some things are still taking a reeeeaaallllyy long time! Mercury is moving in direct motion but it’s still a little clunky, slow and trying to find its feet. It won’t be until December 7 that we’re fully in the clear.

Mercury has two shadow phases within its retrograde cycle signalling the entry and departure into its underworld time.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, 2019

The first shadow phase began October 12th with Mercury at 11 degrees Scorpio. Here we were given glimpses of the issues that would present for further investigation as the cycle progressed. It’s like the clouds start forming and the umbrella goes up but it hasn’t fully started raining yet.

Oct 30th, Mercury stationed at 27* Scorpio before it did a 180* and travelled all the way back to 11* Scorpio. This was the heart of the storm. This is the most potent, and often frustrating, part of the retrograde cycle. This year especially, Mercury retrograded through each of the water signs activating deeper emotions, unconscious motivations, feeeeeelings about people, places and situations, while poking at our gut instinct to reinforce our trust in ourselves.

On Nov 21st, Mercury stopped once more at 11* Scorpio and was released from its retrograde motion. The days surrounding this celestial event (Nov 20-22) are often telling. If we have denied ourselves the truth, the issues are reinforced or highlighted. If we have unlocked emotional attachments, this is the time we get clarity about the road forward.   

It is a slow start, though. It’s a bit like molasses at this point and it won’t be until December 7th that we can really unshackle this retrograde energy. Computers might still be glitchy, communications not always smooth, some blocks here and there, and of course if there’s anything you didn’t say or do that was under the spotlight during the cycle, now is not the time to burry your head in the sand and hope it goes away!

This recent Mercury retrograde activated some deep-seated generational impulses, from Boomers all the way through Gen X to Millennials. The ties that bind were tugged at for better or worse. Any frictions between these generations, with how they move through the world to what it is they’re here to contribute, was highlighted and exposed for dissection. All three of these generations have significant Scorpio energy that is seeking expression. This Rx cycle dug deep on both the personal and collective levels. Stay tuned for a more thorough analysis on this shortly.

For now…don’t push it. Mercury is slow and still dishing out the messages. There are always multiple sides to communication, so listening and receiving will get you further right now than trying to push.

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