Wednesday, May 13th

It’s quite the retrograde week!

On Monday May 11th, Saturn in Aquarius turned from the 1st degree of Aquarius to face back to the final degrees of Capricorn, which we got pretty familiar with back in Jan – Feb and as our social distancing began.

Today, Venus turns to face backwards from the 81st degree of the Zodiac, and looks across the Gemini terrain. It will, over the next 6 weeks, retrograde back to 5* Gemini. Do you have any planets or points between 5-21 of the mutable signs: Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces?

This Station Retrograde phase today is one of the points to watch in this cycle. A planet that is relatively swift in the cosmos (taking less than 1 year to make a full lap of the Sun) has stopped, going nowhere, facing in the opposite direction. It’s like barreling down the highway and throwing the car into reverse; everything comes flying to the front of the car, inertia causes you to lean into the door and the view in-front of you has now changed. It’s an adjustment and irritants and frustrations can pop up. Jupiter starts to go through the beginning of the Retrograde motions, today too. It’s in the air.

Today Mars steps out of its Aquarius armour and into something more fluid. Mars is action oriented, driven and direct. It’s our motivation, anger and what drives us toward our desires. In Pisces, Mars doesn’t really get any help until the end of the sign, so brace yourself for some lethargy, a decrease in vitality and an increase in your dream and creative life.

Mars loses focus in Pisces. It’s used to going full steam ahead with flames blazing out of its exhaust pipes, but in Pisces is more like trying to run in water; don’t resist, don’t push too hard, don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get much done. Over the course of this Venus Rx cycle, Mars will build toward a tense square relationship with Venus.

The Moon
Phase: Third Quarter Phase
Sign: Aquarius

The ever changing face of the Moon is in its Third Quarter Phase.

We’re still feeling the winds blowing from the Scorpio Full Moon on May 7th. Third Quarter phases often propel us to ask questions, check our direction and to shed what is no longer important. Scorpio is no stranger to cutting back the excess so that the truth can be exposed, and the Moon in Aquarius today turns our attention to groups, friends, community and the wider networks of humanity we’re connected to for better or worse.

Aquarius and the Moon come at feelings from antithetical positions, so it can either feel like a nice break from the intensity of emotion or like your mind is too busy with thoughts and analysis. The Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all in Air signs right now.

The Moon is sending a positive note to Venus today until the early hours of tomorrow morning. Take this opportunity to stand back from your feelings, your emotions and relational connections to hear what might be asking to be voiced. This is a great day to talk about and analyse the emotional terrain without getting too bogged down.

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