2016 Queer Astrology Calendar



The 2016 East Van Queer Astrology Calendar has been a great success! Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this project, and to Andrea Finlay for her creative expertise. Calendars are now for sale at Heartwood Community Cafe @ 317 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC…and on ETSY for out of province and international orders.

The calendar contains:

  • 49 queer babes representing their sun-sign and the East Van queer community
  • How to work with the Moon ~ Lunation Cycle rituals
  • Follow the Sun and Moon moving through signs and elements – how to apply this to your chart
  • Daily motions of the Moon – time specific to PST
  • Important retrograde/direct periods of the planets
  • Full moons / New Moons / Eclipses
  • The final  2 pages are my favourite! Each participant was asked to write one sentence that describes their experience of their sun-sign. No one can know you like you do…and the expressions on these 2 pages are just as dynamic as the images displayed each month.