Horary questions

I’m currently offering Horary consultation by donation, as I utilise the skills learnt in the STA Practitioners Level Horary Course.

Horary is a specific branch of Astrology whereby the astrologer casts a chart for the moment a question is asked. This can be as far and wide as, ‘Where is my lost wallet / cat / keys?’ to ‘When will I sell my house?’  or ‘Will I pass my exam?’ It works on the understanding that you are part of the Cosmos and by asking a question at a pressing time, the answer also exists. 

For best results, background information can be submitted below along with any relevant information to the question. Your question needs to be clear and succinct and can not begin with “Should I….?” Sometimes writing out your thoughts about the issue can help solidify your question. I may follow up with you via email to be clear I understand your question before casting the chart.

I will send you my findings via email. This could be in written, audio or video format, and you are welcome to share more once this is received.

As a learning tool, I would appreciate knowing the result of the outcome once it arises for you. This helps me fine tune my craft and glean insight from hindsight.

Thanks for your trust with this issue and I look forward to judging your Horary,

~ Dru