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Horary is a specific branch of Astrology whereby the astrologer casts a chart for the moment a question is received. Practised for centuries, it works on the premise that you are part of the unfolding Cosmos; if you are moved to ask a particular question, the answer also exists in that moment which can be read in the chart.

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I approach Horary from the viewpoint that it is less about the astrologer telling you what to do, and more about offering clarification so you can make your own choices. Hearing about your situation from an objective view often allows you to see the situation as it is; not clouded by past experience or emotion.

Once your question is posed, I will cast a chart from which I will read the symbolism. This can indicate past, present and future events, physical descriptors of people and places, as well as location or direction of people, pets and missing objects, to name just a few.

If you don’t have a clear question, detailing the events can help solidify one. This can be done in the first question box. I may follow up with you to be clear I understand your question before casting the chart.

Once your question is submitted you will be directed to a payment page. I will send you my findings via email. This could be in written, audio or video format. *All Horary questions are free for refugees and people incarcerated, or facing incarceration. Please contact Dru for details if this applies to you.

I would appreciate knowing the result of the outcome once it arises for you. This allows us to continue to see timing points within the chart, and glean insight from hindsight.

You can read more about Dru, and what others have to say about their experience with Dru.

Thanks for your trust with this issue and I look forward to judging your Horary,

~ Dru

Things to consider when asking a Horary:

Horary questions can only be asked once. If you have already asked an astrologer this question, please follow up with them, or ask a different question here.

Horary doesn’t work with flippant questions. It also doesn’t work when being tested. There are charts that say “Invalid question.” If your chart says this, you will be refunded.

If you’re enquiring about a missing object, a question can be asked once all other avenues have been exhausted. That means turning the house upside down, retracing your steps, asking others etc. The chart will not help if you haven’t looked.

You cannot enquire about an issue that does not personally impact you. Questions such as,”Who will win the next election?” are not valid unless you are personally one of the candidates, or you are asking about your partner, friend, colleague etc who is involved. You need to be personally connected to the situation.

Questions can only be asked about an existing situation. Asking, “Will I get the job?” when you haven’t even applied for it yet, is an example of an invalid question. The situation needs to be current and in motion.

Horary is a great resource for offering timing. If you’re asking about a potential job, noting the date and time of the job interview can be helpful. If asking about health concerns, noting the date of diagnosis, or when the issue started, can be helpful. These are not essential to ask a question, however.

A Horary chart can not offer what the Natal chart doesn’t promise. At the end of the form you are asked to submit your birth data. Along with your Horary chart, I will check your current transits for what energy is available to you. If you are wanting something that your Natal chart is not giving the green light to, there is nothing a Horary chart can do to fix that. I will endeavour to explain the situation and circumstances that the Horary chart describes, and it is up to you to decide what you do.

An Astrologer cannot make life choices for you. I will explain the symbolism that I read in your chart so that you can make informed choice. Ultimately, responsibility lies with you as to what action you take after receiving your answer. If your question begins with, “Should I…?” or “When will I…?” I will likely not answer your question with a yes / no. Instead, I will offer timing points and describe the situation that the chart presents so you can decide.

Do you really want an answer?” is a great question to ask yourself before casting a Horary. I do not make up the answers to your Horary, nor do I hold any bias about the outcome. I read the symbolism reflected in the chart. By asking a Horary you are consenting to receiving, both, an answer you are happy with, and one you may not like.

Ask a Horary Question

  • Once you press the button above, your question will be submitted and you will be directed to an external link for payment. I will begin working on your Horary question once payment is received. If you don’t hear from me within 48 hours of submitting your question, there is likely a payment issue. Please check with your bank to confirm that your payment went through.

Client testimony

I had been struggling to make an important career decision, so I reached out to Dru for a horary chart reading. Wish I had done that SO much sooner!

Dru’s reading was incredibly illuminating and insightful, as well as compassionate and supportive. It gave me the clarity I so much needed AND the confidence to push forward in order to achieve my goals. It’s been 3 months now and I already started to see things unfolding. I am blown away by their wisdom!

Dru is not only a brilliant astrologer, but also has an incredibly warm, supportive and intuitive personality. I highly recommend Dru! ~ J.L.

Dru’s help with my questions have been extremely valuable and fascinating. I have appreciated their insights and knowledge around the subjects I’ve inquired about.

Asking my questions not only has helped solidify my own boundaries and feelings around the situations but has also gave me the opportunity to see things from different perspectives.

If you have a burning question in mind and you need some guidance I would not hesitate to contact Dru! ~ S.C.

Horary Certificate - Dru Ish
Dru graduated from the School of Traditional Astrology Practitioner level program.
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