Everything changed this Aries Season

Here’s an Aries Season working meditation for you…or one for those who love watching others work 😉

Since the 0* Aries New Moon life has accelerated! It’s moving along like a time lapse, and we’ve not even reached the Full Moon yet!

This snow out the back reminded me of how we deal with outer planet energy. I couldn’t tackle the whole lot in one go, it had to be broken down into smaller pieces, which meant that the ice beneath had room to appear (& melt) over time.

Pluto recently moving into Aquarius is showing us the bigger, long term obstacles we have to tackle around human rights, climate change, AI & technology, and our place in the Cosmos. It won’t change overnight, but it will change incrementally, over time, with dedication.

There’s an intensity that sweeps in when outer planets change signs. Things that used to work no longer do. People and situations that used to fit phase out. Fears and insecurities become obsolete when truth is illuminated.

It’s likely that things are changing shape, relationship dynamics are shifting, different kinds of work becomes more appealing. Let it change. Don’t gaslight yourself! Bit by bit we all make changes and create the new world.

See you there!

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