What to expect from a reading with Dru

Hi, and thanks for your interest in a reading with me. This page explains the work I do and what to expect in a reading with me. If there is anything you’re still unsure about, feel free to ask.

My intentions

It’s my intention as your astrologer to inspire a curiosity in you about your own uniqueness. From here, I seek to empower you through your own cosmological make-up so you feel ready and equipped after our session together. I aim to make our time together a positive and personally fulfilling experience for both of us.

I approach astrology from an experiential, spiritual and mechanical perspective; I continue to understand how astrology works and within that framework I maintain space for magic and each persons specific nuance. Reading testimonials from previous clients reiterates this.

I spend a few hours sitting with your chart prior to your session so I am prepared when we meet. In your session I use imagery to help explain complex topics and share everything with you in a PDF once complete. I share a lot of information so that you have a resource you can utilise all year. I don’t leave you wondering so you come back next month with FOMO. Each session is online via Zoom or Skype where a video recording of your session is optional for personal use only.

Some people are slow talkers, others drop encyclopedias in seconds. I will endeavour to deliver all of the material I have prepared, but you set the cadence of our time together and you decide how much you share. If extra time is required I work off this pricing scale, but ideally we will cover everything in the time allotted. Extra time is not guaranteed. Keep this in mind when sharing as your session has a time limit. Extended time is booked in accordance with my availability, which is often one month in advance. Details about cancelling your appointment, or not showing up, as well as client responsibility can be read in the Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Client testimony:

My natal chart reading with Dru felt like a beautiful dance. Dru made it clear that they had a great amount of lovingly and rigorously prepared material specific to me, and also allowed our reading to be a back and forth flow of my questions and stories in response to their insights. I especially appreciate Dru’s synesthetic method of offering oral, written, graphed and imagistic explanations. ~ e.x.

Qualifications & small biz specifics

I have been studying astrology since 1996, and seeing clients since 2012. After 12 years of self-study I completed a 4 year Advanced Diploma in Astrology as Personal Cosmology, Relationship Astrology, Natal Chart Delineation and Predictive Astrology. More recently, I completed Demetra George’s 3 year Hellenistic Astrology intensive program, and graduated from the School of Traditional Astrology’s Horary program with Practitioner Level certification. I seek out specific teachers to work with, and take requests for mentorship and teaching others seriously. I also have qualifications in natural medicine, vibrational therapies, and bike mechanics. I use Placidus, Equal Sign and Whole Sign house systems.

All consultations are offered on a sliding scale which can be read about here. I keep my prices within a range that is both accessible and honours my work and years of experience. I am a single-person proprietor. I do not employ any staff to run my social media, emails or website, and I aim to reply promptly to emails and follow up once payment has been received. I appreciate your patience as I am unable to match the demands of big businesses who have capital and teams to bring you products and services faster than a small business can.

Client testimony:

Dru’s insights into what I can expect as a year progresses have been incredibly helpful and supportive to my personal growth and development; I’ve repeatedly come back to past notes and recordings of our time together, and have found that their wisdom has supported me immensely in preparing for things to come, being grounded as I move through the flowy and the challenging aspects of life, and reflecting back meaningfully. My experience of their readings has been that they are VERY spot-on with accuracy of information, and that their approach is incredibly thoughtful, compassionate, and reflective. I look forward all year to meeting with Dru and recommend them to everyone! ~ N.N.

Astrology is therapeutic

“I was just talking about this with my therapist!” is a really common thing people say. While an astrological consultation is therapeutic, it is not therapy. The big difference is that in an astrological consultation the astrologer does most of the talking, where as in therapy the client does. My suggestion of how to best utilise the information is: gather everything from your reading and take it to therapy. Use it! Astrology is an invaluable adjunct to therapy.

I maintain a ‘3-6 months between readings‘ policy to avoid clients developing any dependence. I actively avoid using fear based language and approach difficult things in your chart with care and compassion. I came to astrology via curiosity, not fear, and it is through this that I aim to empower you to make your own decisions, not feel as though you can’t without consulting your astrologer. The bulk of my work is with return clients. Year after year I grow rapport with my clients and really get a kick out of watching them guide their life with astrological tools. Being able to build on years of affinity and astrological insight is invaluable and only deepens the process.

The following links will be helpful to further understand who I am and what I offer:

If you still have questions, I’m available to field anything that has not been addressed here.

I look forward to working with you,

~ Dru

Client testimony:

I went into my natal chart reading a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect. Dru immediately put me at ease with their warmth, thoughtful communication style and genuine curiosity. I wasn’t expecting the experience to feel so fun and expansive – and I think a lot of that has to do with how Dru shows up so authentically! I just plain liked “hanging out” with Dru and having this experience with them. This is to say, this human’s presence, preparedness, and specific way of showing up are a huge part of what made the reading so special.

I felt cared for in what was at times a vulnerable experience. I felt seen (so seen) and accepted, even in the parts of my chart that felt a bit complicated or difficult. I felt like I had a very secure companion in the process of understanding my chart. I felt safe going deep into the experience with them – safe to show up honestly – and it made the experience more full for me. We took a journey together (and I love an adventure). I emerged feeling like something quite significant had just transpired.

Immense gratitude to Dru for what was a surprising, flowing, abundant, and profound experience. ~ S.J.

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