AI Rising: Is the artificial shaping of a real world leading to Mercury Poisoning?

I recently wrote a piece on AI and astrology for the Skyscript newsletter, issue 12. With the fast paced roll out of AI by leaders in big tech, wanting to be first to release the thing that catches on, much is being left in its wake.

Astrology is a divinatory practice while AI is man-made technology that has the potential for sentience. The intersection of astrology and technology currently poses more questions than it does answers.

Astrologers have long benefited from technology. The invention of the astrolabe, telescope, printing press, calculator, and more recently computer and software have all expanded our scope of possibility, while pushing us to fine-tune our expertise. Technically, AI should be good at astrology because at its core it is pattern recognition. But will it be good for the Astrologer?

Dru Ish – AI Rising

A further excerpt can be read here, and the full article can be purchased for less than the price of a coffee. Issue 12 also contains contributions from other astrologers pertaining to medical astrology, the mystery and magic of the 9th house as well as monthly lunation forecasts and much more.

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