Relationship Astrology

Relationship astrology readings with Dru Ish

Relationship Astrology is a powerful tool for being able to understand connection. We can’t change other people, but we can understand where the points of intersection lie, and learn how to navigate relationships with care and understanding.

This session is catered to two or more people, who are either present at the reading or give prior consent to have their birth chart read (no spying on your crush!). Both/all charts will be compared to assess synastry (how the planets interact between charts) as well as timing and cycles for each person. As is said: timing is everything!

Please note that a Relationship Reading is not a substitute for therapy and is best approached with the intention of learning about interpersonal dynamics. No advice will be given where personal responsibility is required, for example; as to whether you should break up or stay together.

This reading is available via Skype for all variations of relationship (Marriage/Dating – Parent/Child, Colleagues etc). If one person will not be present, they will be required to give prior consent. Consent from each person must be sought before booking. This does not qualify as a surprise gift.

If any person does not have an accurate birth time, please contact Dru before booking.

2 people: $300 – $500 sliding scale

+1 extra person: $120 per person

+1 date / event to look at ie; wedding day / 1st meeting: $75 (this is not a date I elect, but a date and time you supply)

Cancellation and refund policy can be found here.

Duration: 1.5 hours

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