ARIES FULL MOON ~ what’s tipping your scales?
We all know #Libra will do all it can to maintain equilibrium, harmony & good vibes in relationships, but when it’s at the cost of our truth & expressing hard feels, it can leave us with a busy brain as the anger turns inward.
Libra’s equal opposite #aries offers the balance of acting independently, boldly rushing in to unchartered waters & confidently starting things anew. ☄️
If you’re pattern is to tell your friend/love/family member how great they are while you’re always the one putting energy into the relationship, take a walk with this #ariesfullmoon & offer the dynamic some space to clear the air between you. You will know which relationships are balanced & deserve your energy & which ones are tipping your scales.
With both rulers #mars and #venus in discerning #virgo, let your gut feeling inform your place in your relationships & what you need to do to have sustainable balance. .
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