Beyoncé ~ Queen B and the Moon

Queen B does it again!

Thanks to the devotion of my friend, Premala, I’m always kept in the Beyoncé loop. Today we noticed a 19 year eclipse cycle activating Beyoncé’s chart.

She’s come full circle from her first album Dangerously In Love all the way to today’s release of her 1st single Break My Soul from her new album: Renaissance.

Scorpio Moon placements are tricky beasts to navigate, but she’s clearly making the most of it. I immediately think of her Lemonade album when I think of her Scorpio Moon. This album to album loop really rounds it all up & I’m excited to hear it all.

If her chart is near accurate, her Progressed Moon is crossing her ASC, so this really is a true rebirth 🦂🔥🖤

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