Jupiter Cazimi 2022

Jupiter will pass through its Cazimi phase this week. The funeral pyre in a planet’s life cycle. Burnt up by the Sun, this once a year purging initiates an ending, releasing new life. On and on.

In this article, I have compiled commentary on Jupiter from various sources, from Babylonian times through the 2nd and 4th century Hellenistic astrologers, through the Medieval period and into 17th Century.

Initially a God roused to quell the chaos, Marduk, Jupiter has gained in popularity over the years, held in modern times as the untouchable benefic.

This begs the question, if a planet’s signification gets lost over time, is it always ready to re-emerge, or do the significations get taken up by other archetypes? Once upon a time, and possibly still to some, the planets were seen as physical manifestations of the Gods; 7 archetypes circling the Earth.

Read all about Jupiter here, on the day of its annual rebirth.

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