Wadda y’know?

Well, wadda ya know?

We don’t know what we don’t know, and this Sagittarius Full Moon eclipse is a good reminder of that. Seeded with a square to Neptune back when it was a New Moon eclipse in December 2020, it now matures into a Full Moon eclipse with a square to Jupiter.

How much of what we think and know is hyperbolic?
What are your trusted sources for truth?
Who are you allowing to check your facts?

Sagittarius Full Moon eclipse: May 2021

Sagittarius tends to deliver the truth regardless of emotional investment, and yet the Antiscia points of this Full Moon fall across the hefty Mars-Pluto opposition, suggesting an underlying volatility that expresses with frustration and a splash of emotional manipulation. When is Pluto ever just a splash?

With Saturn already Rx, on its way back to clash with Uranus, and Mercury in its Rx degree, both say we’re going back over the details and the truth can be brought to light…but will you hear it? Maybe it’s too much and you’ll dig your heels into the investment in the dream or ideology. If nothing else this eclipse is, like every moment, a good time to check in with yourself about what you really think, believe and know, without any external influences shaping you. It’s a big call, but what is an eclipse in Sagittarius squaring Jupiter in Pisces without a stretch?

Sagittarius New Moon eclipse: December 2020

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