Mercury Rx in Libra ~ remembering our interconnectedness

Mercury the messenger is applying the breaks, preparing to turn retrograde. It will backtrack over the terrain we’ve been trekking through since September 7th, revisiting connections, relationship dynamics, agreements and disagreements, asking us to draw a line in the sand where we have compromised our own boundaries seeking peace over authenticity. So much has happened in that short period of time, and so much will likely happen in these next 3 weeks.

Each Mercury Rx this year occurs in the Air signs. This one unearths what lies below the Libran desire for diplomacy and mutual gain. Where we have previously been tip-toeing through difficulties and polarising view points, we are likely to see in this time frame a recalibration of our own relationship to justice and fairness, and a clear view into how imbalance and disconnection from each other pervades all areas of our lives.

Mars, the fearless warrior, is also in Libra during this time, bringing issues out into the open on October 9th. This might not be the clarity we want, though. Mars in Libra holds a contract that details the finer points of collaboration. It doesn’t wield a sword with hot-headed aggression, using brute force to get what it wants. It fights for justice and fairness because it is clear and to the point about what is out of alignment.

Venus, who holds the Libran cards, is powerful in unseen ways during this time. Moving through Scorpio, Venus and Mars are mutually connected, sharing resources and supporting one another. So what’s been going on behind the scenes? Any shady deals that have been struck under the recent Pluto-Mercury square will be spotlighted and brought out into the open through this Rx scrutiny. When Venus moves into truth seeking Sagittarius on October 7th we will be better equipped to know what we’re dealing with and from October 18th onwards we’ll be better able to act on it.

Personally, I love Mercury Rx times. Like 2021, they’re a reminder that chaos resides closer than we have been lead to believe and the notion of control is just a smoke screen. This doesn’t mean we’re without agency, though. There is a flow we can tap into that is not guided by fear and scarcity. We are nature and, therefore, part of an incredibly intelligent system of interconnectedness that leaves no one and no thing out. The choices we make, the thoughts we invest in, the energy we share reverberates instantaneously. Like this river, the past, present and future are all here with us through these testing times. Where you draw the line in your own sand will have lasting impact beyond your personal sphere, and the challenge can be staying in your own centre. Some might call this the heart space. Whatever words you give it, see you there through this Rx journey!

Important dates in the Mercury Rx cycle

September 7th Pre shadow phase begins, Mercury at 10* Libra

September 27th Mercury stations retrograde at 25* Libra

October 5th – 7th The Moon enters Libra Oct 5th, joining Mercury, Mars and the Sun. Watch what comes to light through the messages you receive over the coming days.

October 7th Venus moves into Sagittarius

October 7th Mars moves through the heart of the Sun beginning a new cycle

October 9th Mercury passes through the heart of the Sun – midpoint of the Rx cycle

October 18th Jupiter stations direct, giving Venus the green light

October 19th Mercury stations direct at 10* Libra

November 3rd Post shadow phase ends, Mercury reaches 25* Libra

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